You must bring the following information with you to your interview.  Assistance will not be provided if any of the requested information is missing.  If you have any questions, please ask that it be explained to you. 

RENTAL ASSISTANCE:  (If applying for move-in costs, do not move into the residence until you have received the voucher from the case manager.  Moving in before receiving the  voucher will make you ineligible for services

1. Proof of gross income for the last thirty (30) days (from the date you apply), for everyone in your household. (I.e. Check/Pay stubs, Award letters: Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Workman’s Compensation, etc. Payment history: Unemployment, Child support, etc. Daily Ledger/Recipient letter: Self-employment and Odd jobs.) No bank statements accepted, must be from originating source. Zero income requires proof of how you have been meeting your expenses in the past 60 days.

2. Social Security Cards for all household members (Applicant must have original card)

3. Picture I.D. for applicant only

4. Proof of citizenship for all household members:  (Certified Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth signed by hospital     official and parent, Certificate of Naturalization, Religious record created within three  months after birth, U.S. Passport, American Indian census record or Tribal Enrollment Card) OR Proof of U.S. legal residency for applicant only: Original Permanent Resident Card

5. Utility bills and/or deposit statement dated within the last thirty (30) days. (Gas, water, electric, propane, wood,   etc.)

6. Assistance Confirmation Form, Eviction Notice, Foreclosure Notice or Exit letter from Shelter.  

7. Vendor Agreement, Lease Addendum

8. Current DES/FAA Award letter or printout for cash assistance dated within last 30 days.

9. Formal current lease agreement 

10. Proof of crisis: ____________________________________________________________