DonaMaria McKenzie     (Low Income Primary)

Juanita Gonzalez           (Low Income Alternate)

Norma Lucero          (Private Primary)

Unisource Energy Services Administrative Assistant

Raymond Hidalgo                (Private Alternate)

Unisource Energy Services

          Vacant                       (Public Primary)

Mauricio Chavez              (Public Alternate)

Santa Cruz County Financial Director

Santa Cruz County

Elnora Baxter                        (Low Income Primary)

        Vacant                                  (Low Income Alternate)

Vacant                                      (Private Primary)


 Vacant                                 (Private Alternative)


Paul David   (Public Primary)

Graham County Board of Supervisors

Horatio Skeete   (Public Alternate)

City of Safford, City Manager

Cochise  County

Greenlee County

Shirley Ross             (Low Income Primary)


       Dorothy E. Hester       (Low Income Alternate)

                Vacant                   (Private Primary)

Vacant                  (Private Alternate)


Gwen Calhoun            (Public Primary)

Sierra Vista Council Member

Vacant                     (Public Alternate)

Graham County

Gina M. Grove             (Low Income Primary)


Nancilee Hill Waits   (Low Income Alternate)

 Vacant                         (Private Primary)

 Vacant                        (Private Alternate)

Steve Rutherford      (Public Primary)

Greenlee County Health & Services Director

Vacant                          (Public Alternate)

SouthEastern Arizona Community Action Program

Board of Directors/Advisory

State Fiscal Year 2018

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors, which governs the agency, is made up of local elected officials and appointed government officials, community leaders and representatives of low-income community members.